Zandy is a Virtual Reality Artist whose life had changed since picking up her first virtual brush in May 2019. All of her art is created in Virtual Reality which allows her to become fully immersed creating art with volume in three-dimensional space. Zandy's designs are exclusive to this website for both the Artisan and Casual Collections. Amazing products with all budgets in mind. You can follow Zandy's daily VR Art journey on Instagram and Twitter. The links are listed below.

The Casual Collection

The Casual Collection is the perfect choice if you're shopping for casual shoes, tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and leggings to lounge around in as well as to purchase gifts for that special someone. Items are printed, not handmade and there are plenty of Zandy's designs and characters to choose from with all budgets in mind. 


High Tops, Athletic Shoes and Flats with many new designs and much more to come!

Women's Casual

Shop in style with a casual look in mind.  A beautiful selection of... 

Mugs, Bottles and Tumblers

If you are looking for mugs, bottles and tumblers for yourself or as... 

Blankets and Pillows

Stay cozy and warm with these soft fleece blankets with many polyester...